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Build Your Own Salad


Create Your Own Large Salad

(Select 4) Toppings:Cucumbers Red Peppers Green Peppers Black Beans Hot Peppers Mushrooms Corn Beets Celery Pickles Carrots Broccoli Onions Tomato Roasted Red Peppers Hard-Boiled Eggs Garbanzo (Chicken Peas) Black Olives Green Olives Sweet Peppers Banana Peppers Sun-Dried Tomatoes Walnuts Almonds Pecans Croutons Tortilla Strips Sunflower Seeds Apples Mandarin Oranges Strawberries Blueberries Cranberries Feta Parmesan Mozzarella Cheddar Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Goat
(Optional) $$ Extras:Grilled Chicken +$3.99Crispy Chicken +$3.99Chicken Salad +$2.49Tuna Salad +$2.49Turkey +$2.49Ham +$2.49Steak +$5.99Grilled Salmon +$5.99Shrimp +$5.99Bacon +$1.49Avocado +$1.49
(Select 1) Dressings:Balsamic Vinaigrette Ranch Caesar Blue Cheese Italian Honey Mustard Asian Sesame Cucumber Wasabi Mango Vinaigrette Poblano Avocado Ranch
(Select 7) Extra Toppings:Cucumbers +$0.49Red Peppers +$0.49Green Peppers +$0.49Black Beans +$0.49Hot Peppers +$0.49Mushrooms +$0.49Corn +$0.49Beets +$0.49Celery +$0.49Pickles +$0.49Carrots +$0.49Broccoli +$0.49Onions +$0.49Tomato +$0.49Roasted Red Peppers +$0.49Hard-Boiled Eggs +$0.49Garbanzo (Chicken Peas) +$0.49Black Olives +$0.49Green Olives +$0.49Sweet Peppers +$0.49Banana Peppers +$0.49Sun-Dried Tomatoes +$0.49Walnuts +$0.49Almonds +$0.49Pecans +$0.49Croutons +$0.49Tortilla Strips +$0.49Sunflower Seeds +$0.49Apples +$0.49Mandarin Oranges +$0.49Strawberries +$0.49Blueberries +$0.49Cranberries +$0.49Feta +$0.49Parmesan +$0.49Mozzarella +$0.49Cheddar +$0.49Gorgonzola +$0.49Blue Cheese +$0.49Goat +$0.49

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